C15 Synthesizer. Available 2016.

The C15 is an instrument for the performing musician, designed for playability and detailed sound editing. The embedded digital synthesis engine is based on phase modulation, comb filtering, and feedback structures giving the C15 a unique character and creating crisp, organic, and complex sounds.
As a dedicated real-time instrument, the C15 provides high-resolution dynamic response and extensive sound design possibilities. The C15 is self-contained with dedicated haptical controls, but it can also be extended with a graphical user interface on any WiFi-enabled device running a browser. Read more

Product News
Presenting at the Superbooth 16

At the Superbooth exhibition in Berlin we presented the C15 to the public for the first time. See our photos

NLL Visit Video
A visit at Nonlinear Labs

Our first video gives a glimpse into our "labs" and a closer look at the user interface of the C15. Watch now

Spec and Features

You can find more detailed information about the C15 here.


Nonlinear Labs is a small Berlin-based company. In 2012 we started developing digital instruments. C15 is our first product, planned to be available in 2016. In addition to keyboard instruments, we plan to develop percussion synthesizers and other products for performing musicians.
We invest in extensive research, with the aim of achieving high product quality. We also share the results of our work as open-source software and hardware. Read more about Nonlinear Labs and the company's philosophy here.